Charity Runner Spotlight: Billie Murphy-Team Fox

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I have been a runner for many years. When not running, I teach dance, movement, yoga, and theatre to children and a few grown-ups. In my professional life, I see the positive results of using our bodies every day in my students and myself.

Needless to say, my body and my ability to both use and control it, is infinitely important to me, and always has been. Parkinson’s disease robs people of their ability to do just this, affecting their ability to control and direct their movement.

Parkinson’s disease has touched my family, friends, and neighbors more than I could have imagined over the past 10 years.

My father’s dear friend passed away from the disease.

My uncle, a former professional ballet and contemporary dancer, and current artistic director of a Post-Secondary Contemporary Dance School was diagnosed with the disease. Despite his progressing symptoms he continues to not only hold his position as Artistic Director of the school, but also teach every day and perform in school company productions. He has not let the disease, despite its effects on his body and movement, destroy his passion or dedication to his art.

About 6 years after my uncle’s diagnosis, my best friend of 21 years mother was diagnosed with the disease. An avid field hockey player and one of the most active and healthful people I know, it came as a shock to learn she had been diagnosed. Her diagnosis came at a very difficult time personally in her life, and her ability to carry on continue on in a proactive and self-sufficient manner despite incredible physical and emotional hurdles has been a constant source of inspiration for me over the ensuing years. She participates in the Parkinson’s SuperWalk every year and is one of the top fundraisers.

Lastly, a neighbor of mine suffers from the disease. All though I do not know them well, seeing them struggle daily as their condition deteriorates is both inspiring and terribly difficult to watch.

I hope to raise $1500 for TeamFox. I will rely mainly on personal donations from family, friends, and my community of students and families. I am currently looking for a restaurant in my area willing to team up with me to host an event to raise funds.

In an effort to boost my fundraising efforts, if I reach $2000, I will run the BMO in a tutu!! As a nod to my little dancers who inspire me every day at work.

I am training for the BMO Vancouver Marathon using the OWN IT Marathon Plan from the wonderful book, Train Like A Mother, by Dimity McDowell and Sarah Bowen Shea (who is running the BMO this year!) of the blog I plan to break 4:00 hours, with the lofty goal of inching at least closer to the Boston Qualifying time!

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